With the best omens has began the year of 2013! At the basketball stadium at Kremasti of Rhodos, ended on Sunday 13/1, the seminar organized by Rodos Shotokan Karate Academy. Taught by internationally renowned Shihan K. Sawada 7th Dan, Deputy Technical Director of J.K.A Europe and technical  advisor of  the  club  in  Rhodos. Attended about  40 karatekas of all ages and grades, mainly  from Rhodos Shotokan Karate Academy and Hapkido team of Rhodos. DAN  exams  has  been  contacted  as  part  of  the  course, under the written permission of Japan Karate Association / World Federation. The  results  are  the  following:

Pass  3rd  Dan
Stephanos  Arapakis

Pass  2nd  Dan
Nickolaos  Klonaris
Kapsis  Stavros
Pass  1st  Dan

Koutedakis  Panagiotis
Tsappis  Stamatios
Korkidas  Emmanuel
Avgenikos  Kleovoulos
Re-exam  in  6  months, for 1st  Dan
Panagos  Emmanuel
Avgenikos Thomas
Potsakis  Emmanuel

See  some  photos  here